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Machine Translation Course Material

This directory contains a complete set of course material for a senior undergraduate or graduate-level course in machine translation.

All of this material is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License You are free to reuse it any way you like if you acknowledge that you got it from us:

The current fork of these files is used to teach the machine translation course at the University of Edinburgh by Adam Lopez.

Homework Assignments

The code and data for the homework assignments are maintained by Adam Lopez and distributed under an MIT License. Feel free to reuse them! DREAMT: Decoding, Reranking, Evaluation, and Alignment for Machine Translation

Web-Based Stack Decoder

A web-based live demo of the classic stack decoding algorithm used in word-based statistical machine translation was also used in the class. The code is maintained by Matt Post, and you can get it here.

Building the course page for Edinburgh Informatics

The School of Informatics mandates a uniform style for all of the pages hosted on its top domain. This is acheived through ssi directives included in source files. Informatics also manages updates to the website through cvs. To comply with these requirements, while still writing content in markdown for jekyll and managing everything using git, I use the following process:

export CVSROOT=:pserver:<username>

# Check out both cvs and git versions of the repo
cvs login
cvs checkout web/teaching/courses/mt
git cvsimport -d $CVSROOT -C inf-mt -r cvs -k web/teaching/courses/mt

# Configure the git clone of the cvs repo
cd inf-mt
git config cvsimport.module web/teaching/courses/mt
git config cvsimport.r cvs
git config cvsimport.d $CVSROOT

# Now, I can make changes as needed in this repository. If I want
# to preview the results locally, I just run "jekyll build". When
# I'm ready to commit the changes to the informatics server, I build
# using a special config file that overwrites the git copy of the
# the class directory, and then commit it from there using the git
# bridge to cvs, like so:
cd mt-class
jekyll build --config _config4inf.yml
cd ../inf-mt
git commit -am <commit message>
git cvsexportcommit -w ../web/teaching/courses/mt -u -p -c HEAD^ HEAD

Much of the process was adapted from this stackoverflow question.