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GOV.UK Frontend · Build Status JavaScript Style Guide

GOV.UK Frontend contains the code you need to start building a user interface for government platforms and services.

See live examples of GOV.UK Frontend components, and guidance on when to use them in your service, in the GOV.UK Design System.

Contact the team

GOV.UK Frontend is maintained by a team at Government Digital Service. If you want to know more about GOV.UK Frontend, please email the Design System team or get in touch with them on Slack.

Quick start

There are 2 ways to start using GOV.UK Frontend in your app:

Once installed, you will be able to use the code from the examples in the GOV.UK Design System in your service.

You should also have a plan to stay up to date with changes.

Browser and assistive technology support

To help manage the ever-growing number of browser versions, we group browsers into 4 grades:

  • grade A - Most recent stable versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Samsung Internet and Safari
  • grade B - All stable versions of Chrome, Firefox and Edge released in the last 6 months and the last 4 major stable releases of Safari which are not supported in Grade A
  • grade C - All browsers that support <script type="module"> (Chrome 61+, Edge 16-18, Edge 79+
  • grade X - All other browsers (including IE11 and older)

Note: Only browsers in grades A, B and C will run our JavaScript enhancements. We will not support our JavaScript enhancements for older browsers in grade X.

For more information see our Browser Support documentation.

GOV.UK Frontend also supports:


The GOV.UK Design System team works hard to ensure that GOV.UK Frontend is accessible.

Using Frontend will help your service meet level AA of WCAG 2.1. But you must still check that your service meets accessibility requirements, especially if you extend or modify components.

You should also use the JavaScript from GOV.UK Frontend and read the accessibility statement for the GOV.UK Design System.

Accessibility warnings

If you get a warning from a linter or accessibility checker, check our list of issues you should not need to fix.


GDS is an advocate of responsible vulnerability disclosure. If you’ve found a vulnerability, we would like to know so we can fix it.

For full details on how to tell us about vulnerabilities, see our security policy.


Unless stated otherwise, the codebase is released under the MIT License. This covers both the codebase and any sample code in the documentation. The documentation is © Crown copyright and available under the terms of the Open Government 3.0 licence.


To learn how to help us build GOV.UK Frontend, see our contribution guidelines.

The govuk-frontend repository is public and we welcome contributions from anyone.

Contributors to alphagov repositories are expected to follow the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct. Contributors working within government are also expected to follow the Civil Service code.

We're unable to monitor activity on this repository outside of our office hours (10am to 4pm, UK time). To get a faster response at other times, you can report abuse or spam to GitHub.