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Dynamic Left/Right button remapper for Sony Reader PRS-T1
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Buttonmap app and pgdn daemon for rooted Sony Reader PRS-T1 only

Use the Left / Right keys in all reader apps


Various ebook reader apps recognize different buttons for turning to the next or previous page. The MobileRead wiki offers various static button mappings for the Left / Right keys, but none of the static mappings is sufficient for all reader apps.

Inspired by this hack on the XDA forum, I’ve modified the pgdn program provided there to work for the PRS-T1. With this hack, it’s possible to remap the Left / Right keys dynamically, depending on which app is currently running, to Dpad Left/Right, Volume Up/Down, nothing (needed for Sony’s built-in reader app), or whichever other key is needed.

The Buttonmap app wraps the pgdn daemon and the default configuration file into an easily installable package.

The default configuration file allows using the Left / Right keys for the following apps (tested): Reader (built-in), Browser (built-in), Aldiko Reader, Amazon Kindle for Android, FBReader, InstaFetch Pro, Google Reader, Google Books (old 1.x versions), CoolReader.


  • Download the Buttonmap.apk file and install it on the Reader.
  • Reboot. If your “su” uses the Superuser app, grant Buttonmap permanent root privileges when the superuser request pops up. This occurs shortly after reboot; don’t let the request time out, or you will have to reboot again.


The pgdn configuration file is sdcard.pgdn. Buttonmap creates an example configuration file as sdcard.pgdn.dist. It also creates a new sdcard.pgdn file if it does not yet exist, but it does not overwrite an existing one. When you uprade, you can copy the contents of .pgdn.dist to .pgdn or simply delete your the old .pgdn.

When you change the .pgdn config file, you need to restart the pgdn daemon as root (“killall pgdn && /data/data/com.github.altruizine.Buttonmap/files/pgdn”), or just reboot the system.


Originally developed for Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000

Original developer: MatanZ @ XDA-developers

Original source:

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