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The source for my blog
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Source for my blog

Written using Hugo

Internal help - Flight Rules


See an example in "Open discussion: on code reviews"

[code reviews](/{{< category "code-review" >}})

Direct link to another post

See an example in "Your first language":



the "uploads" folder is at

{{< upload "file.pdf" >}}

The file source/blog/uploads/commit-with-two-persons.png is uploaded to:

{{< upload "commit-with-two-persons.png" >}}

See an example at 2016-02-14-two-persons-involved-in-a-git-commit.markdown

Inlining Images

![State diagram of the operations]({{< upload "state-diagram-loop-map-split-map-equivalence.png" >}})

See an example at 2016-02-14-two-persons-involved-in-a-git-commit.markdown


See an example in "The purple wire"

bugfix into master if required[^1].


[^1]: If the found defect is not business critical, I try not to merge
to master the purple wire, just leave master pointing to the defect and
the bugfix branch with the solution. This bugfix branch will be deleted
when a more stable fix is found.


Warning: these comments are available in the generated html page

(See more on this topic [here][tdd-is-not-a-good-name])

Authors as categories

using an external service

Get the clojure REPL (e.g., Light Table or TryCLJ) and

((comp println clojure.string/lower-case #(clojure.string/replace % " " "-")) "Rich Hickey")
; rich-hickey
; nil

In this version the argument that changes all the time (the author or URL keywords) are at the end and it is simpler to edit.

using an internal service

Using Sublime Text
  1. lowercase:

select, control+k, l (lowercase)

  1. replace spaces in the Tags
([a-z]) ([a-z])


([\w]) ()

Note: the second set of brackets can be removed; they are left in-place for easing the copy-paste

Using vim

To make it lowercase:

  • Select in visual mode
  • Hit u for lowercase

Replace the Tags:

for a single line:

.s/\(\w\) /\1-/g

snake case with dashes: (a b -> a-b)

%g/^Tags/s/\(\w\) /\1-/g



Get all the categories from a Self-Study aggregation

A warning in MacOsX

Note: in mac os x, the sed command works differently. You can start a ubuntu with this:

docker run -v $(pwd):/app -it ubuntu /bin/bash

Or you can also try the debian image (in case you have it already downloaded)

docker run -v $(pwd):/app -it debian /bin/bash

The usual stacktrace is this:

sed: 1: "{s/,/\n/g}": bad flag in substitute command: '}'
sed: 1: "{s/^/  - /}": bad flag in substitute command: '}'

Step by step guide

from all the markdown files:

find -iname "*markdown"|xargs grep Tags|cut -d":" -f3 > tags.txt

from a single file:

export TAGS_file=$(./ # or another file
cat $TAGS_file |grep Tags|cut -d":" -f2 > tags.txt
cat tags.txt |tr -d " " | sed '{s/,/\n/g}'|sort|uniq| sed '{s/^/- /}' >> $TAGS_file
rm -f tags.txt
echo "Now move the tags up"
vim $TAGS_file # or
unset TAGS_file


  - stack-builders
  - strange-loop
  - talk
  - technical-debt
  - test
  - testing
  - thoreau
  - thoughtworks
  - time-lapse

Then move the categories after the existing ones

Create a new Self-study guide

Tip: the command line will expand the contents of the command when pressing :

cp $(./<TAB>

will become

cp content/blog/2017-08-01-self-study.markdown

Then, use the {} syntax to copy the file:

cp content/blog/2017-{08,09}-01-self-study.markdown

Generate a list of read books

The books are now stored in a trello board.

Update them

  • Go to the trello board, export to JSON.
  • Use the trello-board-converter project to turn the JSON into a markdown (md) format.
  • Copy-paste the list below the marker
  • Archive the cards in the 'done' column
  • Commit the file. Usually a "[books]" tag in the commit message
  • [Undecided] Delete the cards in that column

Extraneous files

Adding file (such as a mindmap .mm file) to the content folder, makes it available at the blog folder, but does not crash the CI


Using the local environment

> cd blog_source
> hugo new post/name
> make run
> f cc "..."
> make generate

Using the TravisCI environment

> cd blog_source
> cd contents/blog 
> vim $ARTICLE_2
> f cc "..."
> f push
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