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Bezos Calculator

This is a small web page that shows how much money Jeff Bezos earned while you read the page. Some bubbles will compare Bezos' earnings with different salaries and some prices.

The numbers are based on Bezos' $56.7 billion gains during the first half of 2020 (source: Bloomberg and Buzzfeed), which translates into approximately $311 million per day, or $3,605 every second.

See it live on

Bubble Comparisons

These are the amounts displayed in the bubbles, including links with sources:

  • $15,000: Minimum yearly wage. Based on $7.25/h, 40h/week, and 52week/year. (US Department of Labor)
  • $31,200: Amazon's lowest yearly salary. Based on $15/h, 40h/week, and 52week/year. (Phys.Org)
  • $47,000: Median yearly salary in the United States. (DQYDJ)
  • $63,409: Average yearly salary in the United States. (DQYDJ)
  • $81,840: Jeff Bezos' own salary! (MarketWatch)
  • $99,000: Limit to qualify for covid-19 stimulus checks (1st round). (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)
  • $116,600: Average yearly salary of a Sr Software Developer. (
  • $142,000: Price of a 'basic' Aston Martin Vantage. (Car & Driver)
  • $174,000: US Senator yearly salary. (Wikipedia)
  • $182,000: Price of a fully loaded Tesla Model S. (Tesla)
  • $250,000: Cost of raising a child from birth to age 17 in the US. (The Motley Fool)
  • $295,300: Median price of a house in the USA. (The Motley Fool)
  • $320,000: Salary higher than 99% of the US population. (DQYDJ)
  • $400,000: US President's salary. (the balance)
  • $538,926: Annual income of the US top 1%. (USA Today)
  • $916,000: Median cost of a Manhattan apartment. (New York Times)
  • $1,000,000: Most expensive fishing lure ever. (Sport Fishing Magazine)
  • $1,500,000: Annual income of the US top 0.1%. (Chicago Booth Review)
  • $2,029,612: Average price of a house in Hollywood, CA. (Zillow)
  • $7,000,000: Annual income of the US top 0.01%. (Chicago Booth Review)
  • $69,346,250: Cost of the most expensive NFT. (Christies)
  • $81,000,000: Price of a seat to space. (Fox Business)