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This folder is created to store my work files in preparation for AppAcademy. I'm currently in the application process and these files reflect my work in progress folders.

What is AppAcademy

AppAcademy is a developer bootcamp that focuses on Ruby on Rails. Their ultimate differentiator compared to Dev Bootcamp, Hack Reactor, Code Fellows etc is that you do not need to pay to attend the bootcamp. Payment is performed after you get a job upon graduation over a period of 6 months.

Application process

The application process comprises of 4 sections (as of September 23rd, 2013). Two timed online test and two skype interviews. The best thing about this application process is that it forces you to learn Ruby in a short amount of time, in a systematic structure. Regardless of the outcome, you will definitely learn the fundamentals of Ruby in a short amount of time.

Personal Study Guide Recommendation (in order)

  • Codecademy, Ruby Track
  • Learn to Program book by Chris Pine - Chapter 10
  • App Academy coding-test, coding-test-1 (for online test 1), coding-test-2 + mini-curriculum for test 2
  • Find other programming questions on google around Ruby