Grails plugin for sanchez.js templating framework.
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Sanchez Grails Plugin

Grails plugin for sanchez.js Javascript templating framework.

This plugin allows simple inclusion of Sanchez templates in a Grails project, and re-use of grails partial templates on the client side.


Install sanchez-grails-plugin

In your Grails BuildConfig.groovy, add the following to the plugins section:

plugins {
    runtime ':sanchez:{{current_version}}'

Including the javascript

Next, you'll want to include the sanchez.js javascript file in your app.

Sanchez defines a resource module called sanchez in SanchezResources.groovy.

With Grails Resources plugin

In ApplicationResources.groovy

dependsOn 'jquery, sanchez'

Directly in a GSP

<r:require modules="jquery,sanchez"/>

Include a template

Render a Grails partial template as a sanchez template

Inside a standard GSP file, you can include a gsp partial template as a sanchez template using the sanchez taglib:

<sanchez:render template="/section/tname" id="my_template" runtimeVars="data"/>

This will render /grails-app/views/section/_tname.gsp as a sanchez template with id my_template.

Use the template

In your javascript:

sanchez.replaceWith("#oldContainer", "my_template", {data:"whatever"});