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Micropub for Blot, with Dropbox

Build Status FOSSA Status

An endpoint that accepts Micropub requests, creates a simple Blot posts and saves them to a configured Dropbox folder. This enables updating a Blot blog through a Micropub client.

Currently, the endpoint supports the following.

  • Creation of posts with titles (articles) and without titles (notes)
  • Metadata creation for tags, slugs and published date
  • Support for like and reply post types. Added as metadata like-of and in-reply-to
  • Uploading of image files as multipart data. Added as metadata photo
  • Support for syndicating posts to Mastodon. Added as metadata mastodon-link
  • Support for syndicating posts to Twitter. Added as metadata twitter-link
  • In-built media endpoint available at /micropub/media
  • Support for updating the posts

A step-by-step setup guide is available at the introduction blog post. Full implementation report is available on


  • Add support for media endpoint
  • [ ] Implement repost, bookmark post types
  • Add support for updating and deleting the posts


Requires at least Node.js 6.0.0.


This is a self-hosteable Micropub endpoint. Install it as a normal Node.js application. Add the required configuration values via environment variables or similar mechanism.

You can also deploy directly to Heroku.


Note: This is an alpha release and there may be some edge cases that aren't handled. If you find one, please report an issue.

Endpoint discovery

Once you have deployed the application, your Micropub endpoint can be found at /micropub e.g. Note that the endpoint url is different from your website url. It would be the url for the blotpub application that your installed in the 1st step. For Heroku deployment, it would be something like https://*****. (exact url will be available at Heroku dashboard).

To enable automatic discovery for your Micropub endpoint and token endpoint, you will need to add the following values to your Blot site's <head> - regularly in the head.html file in your theme.

<link rel="micropub" href="">
<link rel="token_endpoint" href="">


Required values

The following variables are required to enable a Micropub client to push content to your GitHub repository.

Variable Description
AUTH_TOKEN_ENDPOINT URL to verify Micropub token. Example:
SITE_URL URL for your site. Example: https://johndoe.example
DROPBOX_TOKEN Dropbox access token to grant access to your Dropbox folder. "Permission type" in Dropbox should be "Full Dropbox". Example: 12345abcde67890fghij09876klmno54321pqrst
POST_PATH (Optional) Dropbox path where posts are to be stored. Defaults to /Apps/Blot/
PHOTO_PATH (Optional) Dropbox path where images are to be stored. Defaults to /Apps/Blot/img/
PHOTO_RELATIVE_URI (Optional) Relative public URI to uploaded images (ignoring Site URL). Defaults to img in accordance with PHOTO_PATH
MICRO_POST_PATH (Optional) Dropbox path where micro posts are to be stored. Defaults to /Apps/Blot/
SET_DATE (Optional) A boolean flag which if set to true, date of the post creation is explicitly added to post metadata
TZ (Optional - only if SET_DATE set) By default, post creation date would be in UTC. This can be overridden by setting this to the preferred timezone using the TZ Database Timezone format
DEFAULT_TAG (Optional) If this property is set and no category is provided, value would be set as the tag
SYNDICATE_TO (Optional) Syndication target(s) provided as a JSON array. E.g. as defined at spec: [{"uid":"https://social.example/johndoe/","name":"@johndoe on Example Social Network"}]
MASTODON_INSTANCE (Optional) Mastodon instance where posts need to be syndicated
MASTODON_TOKEN (Optional) Access Token for Mastodon
MEDIA_ENDPOINT (Optional) Media Endpoint to be used. Can also be configured to in-built endpoint available at /micropub/media
TWITTER_INSTANCE (Optional) Twitter url with user id (e.g.
TWITTER_API_KEY (Optional) Twitter Developer's Consumer API Key
TWITTER_API_SECRET (Optional) Twitter Developer's Consumer API Secret
TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN (Optional) Twitter Developer's Access Token
TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET (Optional) Twitter Developer's Access Token Secret
TELEGRAPH_TOKEN (Optional) Access Token for the Telegraph API. If set, webmentions would be sent for reply and like post types

Modules used

  • micropub-express – an Express Micropub endpoint that accepts and verifies Micropub requests and calls a callback with a parsed micropubDocument.


Version Date Notes
0.6 2019-03-24 Added support for syndicating posts to Twitter
0.5.1 2019-01-05 Fixes for Issue #3 + few minor changes
0.5 2018-08-21 Introduced an in-built Media endpoint
0.4 2018-08-19 Added support for syndicating posts to Mastodon
0.3 2018-08-15 Added support for photo uploads multipart
0.2 2018-08-08 Added support for like/reply post types
0.1 2018-08-05 Initial release with support for notes and articles


FOSSA Status


Self-hosteable Micropub and Media endpoint for and Dropbox








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