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Releases: amachanic/sp_whoisactive


10 Nov 21:16
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  • New parameter, @get_memory_info, that exposes memory grant information, both in two top-level scalar columns and a new XML-based memory_info column.
  • Better handling of the newer CX* parallelism wait types that have been added post-2016
  • A top-level implicit_transaction identifier, available in @get_transaction_info = 1 mode
  • Added context_info and original_login_name to additional_info collection
  • A number of small bug fixes
  • Transition code to use spaces rather than tabs

New file name: Not an enhancement per se, but please note that starting with this release there is a new source file, sp_WhoIsActive.sql. The old file, who_is_active.sql, will be kept around for a few months and then removed. Please migrate any processes that might be using the old name.


03 Oct 19:55
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Couple of minor fixes.

Initial GitHub Release

28 Jul 20:41
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Re-added accidentally deleted copyright notice