An NDN framework for OMNeT++
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A Named Data Networking framework for OMNeT++

What is it?

NDNOMNeT is an extension for OMNeT++ to simulate NDN in IoT systems. It allows to quickly simulate and visualize NDN scenarios for research and teaching purposes. It includes a base implementation of NDN entities, simple forwarding strategy over wireless networks and typical NDN applications.

What is in the repo?

This framework is based on INET. Thus, NDN-related code is directly included in INET directories. This framework can be used in OMNeT++ juste as INET is used

The following directories are added:

  • src/inet/applications/ndnApps/
  • src/inet/networklayer/ndn
  • src/inet/networklayer/contract/ndn
  • src/inet/node/ndn
  • examples/ndn