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Amazon Alternatives

This is a browser extension to help you buy stuff you found in Amazon, but in other stores (like a real-life bookstore or an online Amazon alternative).

The addon in action


  • Shows a list of alternative stores
  • Multi-langage
  • Multi-country
  • Typescript-based, no external library
  • Universal compatibility for all major browsers (except Safari) in a single codebase : Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Brave and Vivaldi

List of the alternatives

You can find a full list of the alternatives and their categories in the source code

Where to install it

How to contribute

  • Install the packages with yarn install
  • Modify the files in the src folder
  • You can build the extension with yarn build to test your modifications in the browser
  • When everything's done, you can send a PR \o/

How to build the extension


  • Operating system: OSX, Linux, Windows
  • Environment requirements: Node 10+


  • Clone or download the repository from Github
  • Install the packages with yarn install or npm install
  • Run yarn build or npm build to compile the files
  • The files inside the src folder will be builded to the addon folder with Weback (you can find the configuration used in the webpack.config.js and tsconfig.json files)
  • The addon folder represents the files that are published to the store through the Continuous Deployment tool