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Profiler is alternative take on DB profiling compared to It's requires a patch to the SilverStripe core DB class to be able to intercept queries sent to the database.

Another difference is that the profiling result is displayed on /dev/profiler instead of inline at the bottom.

Duplicate queries are color coded on the list at /dev/profiler with a number that corresponds to the total number of duplicates on the page.

That said, it's purely a playground for profiling and is most likely there are bugs and weird features.

Installation 3.*

git clone git:// profiler

Load a page in your browser with ?flush=1

Installation 2.4

git clone git:// profiler
cd profiler && git checkout 2.4
cd ../
./sapphire/sake dev/build

Load a page in your browser with ?flush=1


  • Go to this url: dev/profiler