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  • Apr 13, 2016
  • Sep 4, 2015
  • Dec 20, 2014
  • Feb 26, 2014
  • Feb 1, 2014
  • Oct 15, 2013
  • Aug 9, 2013


    merge branch 'hotfixes'
  • Aug 2, 2013
  • Aug 23, 2012


    Merge branch 'dev'
    # By Alex Forsythe (3) and Scott Dyer (1)
    * dev:
      Updates CHANGELOG
      Adds reverse of RRT and RDT splines. Slight tweaks to RDT coefficients modifying shadow reproduction.
      patch to resolve streaks that occur in some images
      Adds dw ratio preserving odt tone curve code.  Replaces conditional statements designed to clip data to some minimum value with max function for avoidance of underflows.  Closes #16
  • Aug 23, 2012


    Merge branch 'dev'
    # By Alex Forsythe (10) and others
    # Via Alex Forsythe
    * dev: (24 commits)
      Minor update to aces-dev/README.rst
      Update images/README
      Fix potential bug in RDT by relocating the clip 0 to 1 function to after the 48/52.37 scaling
      Fix Rec.709 ODT EOTF to correspond to recommendation in Appendix 1 of ITU-R BT.1886.
      Add regenerated V3 transforms (no semantic difference from prior transforms)
      Add regenerated V2 transforms (no semantic difference from prior transforms)
      Update idt_maker_script.csh to generate v2 and v3 trees; this time don't imply that v3 LogC is CCT-dependent. Update and to make them more robust in the face of mixed-case arguments, and update their version numbers. Update README to reflect lack of channel gain file, etc.
      Remove alexa_balance.txt, since the channel gains don't matter in IDTs (neither in raw nor in LogC IDTs). Clear out v2 and v3 transform directories; we are going to replenish them but with a new structure.
      Added images directory with README containing a link to FTP server where reference footage can be found.
      Added CHANGELOG Update ctlrender makefile to install rrt and utilities.
      Added CTL transforms.
      Updated apps/ctlrender/README.rst to reflect IIF to ACES name change.
      Updated License Language and README.rst
      Corrected a typo in the symbolic link to CtlManual.pdf.
      Updated README files to .rst format for better preview in
      Added clip, min, and max functions to utilities.ctl.
      renamed directory
      Updated path in symbolic link to CtlManual.pdf
      Updated cltrender readme
      ctlrender cleanup
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