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CakePHP Simple Revisionable Behavior

This is a simple small plugin that adds a revisionable behavior to any of your models

It does this by grabbing a copy of your row right before you save it and saving a serialized copy of it in the serialize table

This plugin is pretty easy to use


1) First you need to add the table to your project use the following to generate that cake schema create Revisionable.revision

2) add the behavior to your model like so

var $actAs = array('Revisionable.Revisionable');

3) I've discovered that cakephp has some bugs in it's schema create script that doesn't account for longblob, so make sure that after you run the cake schema create Revisionable.revision you go change the data type for the data column to longblob otherwise you may not get your revision saved properly.

Some Configure options

If you already have a table named revisions in your project and need to call the it something else then make a new table/model in your project that has the same schema as this plugin and pass that model name to the actAs setup like so

var $actAs('Revisionable.Revisionable'=>array('revisionableModel'=>$newModelName));

To Do

So far aside from creating a revision everytime the data changes the only other feature of this plugin is the listRevisions function. It works like this

$revisions = $this->Model->listRevisions($this->Model->id);

print_r($revisions); array( '2011-12-05 01:01:01'=>array( 'Pages' => array( 'id'=> '4edd8cc3-a628-490b-8cbf-6435ac1005e9', 'name'=> 'foobar', 'body'=> '....' ) ) );

Need to create some more functions that add to this, like perhaps a diff viewer

Patches are warmly welcome.



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