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Tide - TypeScript Interactive Development Environment for Emacs
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lddubeau Fix tide to rely only on cl-lib, not cl.
Requiring cl in testing was a mistake which could hide problems at run time for
some people. People who have cl loaded through some means would not have seen
the issue, but people who don't would get errors while running tide.

The Coding Conventions section of the Elisp manual state:

"If you need Common Lisp extensions, use the ‘cl-lib’ library rather than the old
‘cl’ library.  The latter does not use a clean namespace (i.e., its definitions
do not start with a ‘cl-’ prefix).  If your package loads ‘cl’ at run time, that
could cause name clashes for users who don’t use that package."

Fixes #326
Latest commit dd90f5a Jul 6, 2019


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TypeScript Interactive Development Environment for Emacs



  • Install node.js v0.12.0 or greater.
  • Make sure tsconfig.json or jsconfig.json is present in the root folder of the project.
  • Tide is available in melpa. You can install tide via package-install M-x package-install [ret] tide



(defun setup-tide-mode ()
  (flycheck-mode +1)
  (setq flycheck-check-syntax-automatically '(save mode-enabled))
  (eldoc-mode +1)
  (tide-hl-identifier-mode +1)
  ;; company is an optional dependency. You have to
  ;; install it separately via package-install
  ;; `M-x package-install [ret] company`
  (company-mode +1))

;; aligns annotation to the right hand side
(setq company-tooltip-align-annotations t)

;; formats the buffer before saving
(add-hook 'before-save-hook 'tide-format-before-save)

(add-hook 'typescript-mode-hook #'setup-tide-mode)

Format options

Format options can be specified in multiple ways.

  • via elisp
(setq tide-format-options '(:insertSpaceAfterFunctionKeywordForAnonymousFunctions t :placeOpenBraceOnNewLineForFunctions nil))
  • via tsfmt.json (should be present in the root folder along with tsconfig.json)
  "indentSize": 4,
  "tabSize": 4,
  "insertSpaceAfterOpeningAndBeforeClosingTemplateStringBraces": false,
  "placeOpenBraceOnNewLineForFunctions": false,
  "placeOpenBraceOnNewLineForControlBlocks": false

Check here for the full list of supported format options.


(require 'web-mode)
(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.tsx\\'" . web-mode))
(add-hook 'web-mode-hook
          (lambda ()
            (when (string-equal "tsx" (file-name-extension buffer-file-name))
;; enable typescript-tslint checker
(flycheck-add-mode 'typescript-tslint 'web-mode)

Tide also provides support for editing js & jsx files. Tide checkers javascript-tide and jsx-tide are not enabled by default for js & jsx files. It can be enabled by setting flycheck-checker


Create jsconfig.json in the root folder of your project. jsconfig.json is tsconfig.json with allowJs attribute set to true.

  "compilerOptions": {
    "target": "es2017",
    "allowSyntheticDefaultImports": true,
    "noEmit": true,
    "checkJs": true,
    "jsx": "react",
    "lib": [ "dom", "es2017" ]
(add-hook 'js2-mode-hook #'setup-tide-mode)
;; configure javascript-tide checker to run after your default javascript checker
(flycheck-add-next-checker 'javascript-eslint 'javascript-tide 'append)


(require 'web-mode)
(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.jsx\\'" . web-mode))
(add-hook 'web-mode-hook
          (lambda ()
            (when (string-equal "jsx" (file-name-extension buffer-file-name))
;; configure jsx-tide checker to run after your default jsx checker
(flycheck-add-mode 'javascript-eslint 'web-mode)
(flycheck-add-next-checker 'javascript-eslint 'jsx-tide 'append)

Use Package

(use-package tide
  :ensure t
  :after (typescript-mode company flycheck)
  :hook ((typescript-mode . tide-setup)
         (typescript-mode . tide-hl-identifier-mode)
         (before-save . tide-format-before-save)))


Keyboard shortcuts Description
M-. Jump to the definition of the symbol at point. With a prefix arg, Jump to the type definition.
M-, Return to your pre-jump position.

M-x tide-restart-server Restart tsserver. This would come in handy after you edit tsconfig.json or checkout a different branch.

M-x tide-documentation-at-point Show documentation for the symbol at point.

M-x tide-references List all references to the symbol at point in a buffer. References can be navigated using n and p. Press enter to open the file.

M-x tide-project-errors List all errors in the project. Errors can be navigated using n and p. Press enter to open the file.

M-x tide-error-at-point Show the details of the error at point.

M-x tide-rename-symbol Rename all occurrences of the symbol at point.

M-x tide-rename-file Rename current file and all it's references in other files.

M-x tide-format Format the current region or buffer.

M-x tide-fix Apply code fix for the error at point. When invoked with a prefix arg, apply code fix for all the errors in the file that are similar to the error at point.

M-x tide-add-tslint-disable-next-line If the point is on one or more tslint errors, add a tslint:disable-next-line flag on the previous line to silence the errors. Or, if a flag already exists on the previous line, modify the flag to silence the errors.

M-x tide-refactor Refactor code at point or current region.

M-x tide-jsdoc-template Insert JSDoc comment template at point.

M-x tide-verify-setup Show the version of tsserver.

M-x tide-organize-imports Organize imports in the file.

M-x tide-list-servers List the tsserver processes launched by tide.


  • ElDoc
  • Auto complete
  • Flycheck
  • Jump to definition, Jump to type definition
  • Find occurrences
  • Rename symbol
  • Imenu
  • Compile On Save
  • Highlight Identifiers
  • Code Fixes
  • Code Refactor
  • Organize Imports



Tide uses tsserver as the backend for most of the features. It writes out a comprehensive log file which can be captured by setting tide-tsserver-process-environment variable.

(setq tide-tsserver-process-environment '("TSS_LOG=-level verbose -file /tmp/tss.log"))


How do I configure tide to use a specific version of TypeScript compiler?

For TypeScript 2.0 and above, you can customize the tide-tsserver-executable variable. For example

(setq tide-tsserver-executable "node_modules/typescript/bin/tsserver")

Sadly, this won't work for TypeScript < 2.0. You can clone the repo locally and checkout the old version though.

Custom Variables

tide-sync-request-timeout 2

The number of seconds to wait for a sync response.

tide-tsserver-process-environment 'nil

List of extra environment variables to use when starting tsserver.

tide-tsserver-executable nil

Name of tsserver executable to run instead of the bundled tsserver.

This may either be an absolute path or a relative path. Relative paths are resolved against the project root directory.

Note that this option only works with TypeScript version 2.0 and above.

tide-tscompiler-executable nil

Name of tsc executable.

This may either be an absolute path or a relative path. Relative paths are resolved against the project root directory.

tide-node-executable "node"

Name or path of the node executable binary file.

tide-post-code-edit-hook nil

Hook run after code edits are applied in a buffer.

tide-sort-completions-by-kind nil

Whether completions should be sorted by kind.

tide-format-options 'nil

Format options plist.

tide-user-preferences '(:includeCompletionsForModuleExports t :includeCompletionsWithInsertText t :allowTextChangesInNewFiles t)

User preference plist used on the configure request.

Check for the full list of available options.

tide-disable-suggestions nil

Disable suggestions.

If set to non-nil, suggestions will not be shown in flycheck errors and tide-project-errors buffer.

tide-completion-ignore-case nil

CASE will be ignored in completion if set to non-nil.

tide-completion-detailed nil

Completion dropdown will contain detailed method information if set to non-nil.

tide-completion-enable-autoimport-suggestions t

Whether to include external module exports in completions.

tide-navto-item-filter #'tide-navto-item-filter-default

The filter for items returned by tide-nav. Defaults to class, interface, type, enum

tide-jump-to-definition-reuse-window t

Reuse existing window when jumping to definition.

tide-imenu-flatten nil

Imenu index will be flattened if set to non-nil.

tide-allow-popup-select '(code-fix refactor)

The list of commands where popup selection is allowed.

tide-always-show-documentation nil

Show the documentation window even if only type information is available.

tide-server-max-response-length 102400

Maximum allowed response length from tsserver. Any response greater than this would be ignored.

tide-tsserver-locator-function #'tide-tsserver-locater-npmlocal-projectile-npmglobal

Function used by tide to locate tsserver.

tide-default-mode "TS"

The default mode to open buffers not backed by files (e.g. Org source blocks) in.

tide-recenter-after-jump t

Recenter buffer after jumping to definition

tide-filter-out-warning-completions nil

Completions whose :kind property is "warning" will be filtered out if set to non-nil. This option is useful for Javascript code completion, because tsserver often returns a lot of irrelevant completions whose :kind property is "warning" for Javascript code. You can fix this behavior by setting this variable to non-nil value for Javascript buffers using setq-local macro.

tide-hl-identifier-idle-time 0.5

How long to wait after user input before highlighting the current identifier.

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