Some Python to process the Wikileaks Cablegate data.
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Wikileaks CableGate Processing (based on work by

used andrew's existing code to start coming up with a generic parser
that will scrape data from the cables in HTML form and create python objects.

for an example, please see

data from typecode's original readme follows the dashed line below.


  HTTrack (
    *to update mirror of cablegate site
  MongoDB (
    *database to store parsed cables
    *ouputs json dump

  Will update Cablegate Web Mirror, and pull all existing cables into a 
    MongoDB Collection where their 'Reference ID' is their '_id', and they
    contain the following properties:

  Make sure that mongod is running. The software is configured to access
    Mongod at it's default location, so change that if necessary.
  Confirm that httrack and mongoexport are accesable in your PATH.
  run 'python'
  after that
  run 'mongoexport -d wikileaks -c cables -o dump/cables.json'
  The Tornado app that is there right now serves no function. To come..?