Circadian-tuned LIFX control daemon
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Circadian-tuned LIFX control daemon

This tool is meant to provide simple circadian LUT behavior for your LIFX lights.

I've included a sample LUT ('lut.json') intended to mimic the color temperature of sunlight, but any application or LUT of any length is acceptable.

Lat/Long settings in that LUT are used to allow Pyephem to extract and localize timing of events named 'sunrise', 'noon', and 'sunset' on a daily basis.

If you enable the 'extended-sunlight-mode' flag, those events will be localized based on their timings during the day of the Summer solstice. - I leave that feature on as I enjoy the 'SAD'-fighting effects of extended blue light during the short Winter days, but if you want to strictly mimic the sun's behavior, turn it off.

You'll need to put your LIFX HTTP API token into a file called 'user_data.json', in the 'token' field ... that file should look like this:

--- BEGIN user_data.json ---

{ "token":"your token here" }

--- END user_data.json ---

You can generate that token for your account here:

Run script is ... That hosts a bootstrap HTTP controller avail at localhost:7777 with a power toggle for now ... will be adding a bypass to that sometime soon so you can override the LUT behavior and manually control settings.

This is still WIP but I'm hacking on it.