GNOME Shell plugin displaying Ethereum to Euro (configurable) cryptocurrency value
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Display Ethereum value from

GNOME Shell extension displaying Ethereum to Euro (configurable) cryptocurrency value. It's a simple python script, it works thank to Argos.


I'm growing an interest for cryptocurrencies, specially for Ethereum.

I use linux and GNOME, I've an account on and I want to keep an eye on Ethereum value.


Install and enable Argos then clone the repo, install requirements, copy and make it executable

git clone
cd trt_ethereum_info
pip install -r requirements.txt
cp ~/.config/argos/
chmod +x ~/.config/argos/

Funny extension means it will dock on the right side and it will update every 10seconds.


trt_ethereum_info is customizable, you can choose to change:

  • fundId to show another exchange
  • defaultKey to show another index
  • printOrderto modify the opening tab order

Thanks to

Argos project.


This is not even an alpha release. Well it works for me, maybe I will improve it, please be nice. :)


Copyright © 2017 Andrea Lorenzetti (

Released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3