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This script takes one or two parameters in any order:

  • Vendor:Device i.e. vvvv:dddd
  • Domain:Bus:Device.Function i.e. dddd:vv:dd.f

and then:

  1. If both Vendor:Device and Domain:Bus:Device.Function were provided, validate that the requested Vendor:Device exists at Domain:Bus:Device.Function

    If only Vendor:Device was provided, determine the current Domain:Bus:Device.Function for that device.

    If only Domain:Bus:Device.Function was provided, use it.

  2. Unbinds all devices that are in the same iommu group as the supplied device from their current driver (except PCIe bridges).

  3. Binds to vfio-pci:

    1. The supplied device.
    2. All devices that are in the same iommu group.
  4. Transfers ownership of the respective iommu group inside /dev/vfio to $SUDO_USER


  • If you have a single piece of hardware with a given Vendor:Device, you can call the script like this: Vendor:Device

    The script will target that device regardless of how the PCI address might change due to the addition or removal of other hardware.

  • If you have multiple pieces of hardware with the same Vendor:Device code, you need to pass the PCI address as well: Vendor:Device Domain:Bus:Device.Function

    This will ensure the correct instance of the hardware is bound to vfio-pci.

    Note: If the PCI address for this device changes as a result of adding or removing hardware, you will need to update the PCI address in this call.

  • For backwards compatibility you can also specify just the PCI address: Domain:Bus:Device.Function

    Note: If you add or remove hardware, the device associated with that PCI address can change resulting in the wrong device being bound to vfio-pci. Consider passing the Vendor:Device as well.

Script must be executed via sudo!


See supplied LICENSE file.


Automatically bind a PCI device and all of it's IOMMU group members to vfio-pci





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