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Please use clockworkmod-recovery instead of standard ASOP recovery.


@shianyow @codeworkx What do you reckon ?


For SGS2 we already use cwm based recovery. On other devices, recovery is separate from boot so the recovery images available at should work.


For otapackages ( we need the update-binary compiled from clockworkmod-recovery sources, because it has more functionallity to support the galaxys2 fully. the aosp one only supports nexus/mtd devices.


Not sure if this should be a separated bug or not, but the current flash-only option on the Makefile does a "fastboot flashall" (Nexus S) at the end and that wipes out the recovery partition that the device is using. So, someone that is already using clockworkmod-recovery on his phone will have to install it again after flashing B2G according to the wiki instructions.

Should I open a new bug/feature request asking for a "make flash-only-donttouchmyrecovery" option?


@fczuardi Thank God I never used 'flashall' . AFAIK it might be good idea to file a bug about that.

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