Print your phone pictures using a thermal printer
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taloenj: "Print your phone pictures using a thermal printer"

taloenj is a node.js web app which allows you to upload pictures and sends them to the Sparkfun/Adafruit/... thermal printer

It includes:

  • a web app to upload your pictures and edit their contrast and brightness
  • an API to talk with the thermal printer

Install and simple setup

npm install -g taloenj

In order to be able to run without `sudo` permissions, you must
make sure your use is in the dialout group:

    sudo adduser YOUR_USER dialout

log out and log back in.

External dependencies

  • imagemagick (Ubuntu or Debian-based distros)

Required hardware

Advanced setup suggestion


Additional hardware

  • Raspberry Pi
  • WiFi dongle
  • PowerBank(s) capable of powering both the Pi and the printer

Bugs and stuff

Open a GitHub issue or, preferably, send me a pull request.