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Richard's rules:

Point Value Definitions:

Tribe Wins Reward (1): Each player who owns a Survivor belonging to the tribe receives 1 point. If a player has 2 survivors on the winning tribe they receive 2 points.

Tribe Wins Immunity (2): Each player who owns a Survivor belonging to the tribe receives 2 points. If a player has 2 survivors on the winning tribe they receive 4 points.

Win Individual Reward (1): The player who owns the Survivor that wins reward earns 1 point. If the winning Survivor brings 1 or more other Survivors on the reward, those Survivors also receive 1 point.

Win Individual Immunity (2): The player who owns the Survivor that wins immunity receives 2 points.

Merge (3): Each player who has a Survivor that is part of the new merged tribe receives 3 points.

Final Four (4): Any player whos survivor is one of the last 4 remaining survivors receives 4 points.

Exile Island (-1): The player whose survivor goes to exile island loses 1 point.

Find Hidden Idol (x2): Any Survivor who holds a hidden immunity idol will earn double points as long as he/she is in possession of the idol. If the idol is played that survivor no longer receives double points. If the idol is passed to another Survivor, that Survivor receives double points. If a players Survivor holding the idol goes to Exile Island they would lose 2 points.

Play Hidden Idol (5): If a player’s Survivor plays a Hidden Immunity Idol during tribal counsel that player receives 5 points. This value is not doubled because the Survivor no longer possesses the idol.

Play Fake Idol (-2): If a players Survivor plays a fake immunity idol at tribal counsel they lose 2 points.

Pick Winner of Survivor (25): Before the 1st episode starts each player may choose who they think will be the Sole Survivor. It can be any of the Survivors. If that guess is correct they receive 25 points.

Pick Survivor Voted out (10): Each week before the episode of Survivor starts, players can submit their guesses for which Survivor will get voted out. Before the “merge” players can submit 1 guess for a Survivor on each tribe. After the “merge” players vote for 1 Survivor in the merged tribe. Votes are submitted to the game manager. Any vote received during or after the show starts will not count. �All players who correctly guess the Survivor voted out receive 10 points.

1st Survivor Voted out (9/-3): The player who owns the first Survivor voted out may receive 9 points unless there are additional Survivors available. If other Survivors are available, the player loses 3 points but gets to choose a new Survivor, from the available Survivors, free.

Buy remaining Survivor (-5): If there are Survivors that do not belong to another player, i.e. there are less players than Survivors, the extra Survivor(s) may be bought for -5 points. That Survivor now earns points as normal for that player. Players may not buy Survivors after the “merge”.When two or more players want to buy the same survivor the following is used to determine who gets to choose first. First: The player who has guessed the most survivors voted off Second: The player with the lowest number of survivors Third: The player with the lowest number of total points Fourth: Flip a coin

Medical Evacuation: If a Survivor is medically evacuated for any reason the player owning that Survivor does not gain or loose any points.