Simple utility for performing DDNS updates on DNS Made Easy
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  • Download: See releases
  • Author: Andrew Kroh
  • License: Apache License, Version 2.0
  • Supported OS: all supported by Go

What is it?

This is a command line utility for updating dynamic DNS records managed by DNS Made Easy.

How does it work?

The utility makes HTTPS calls to a RESTful service hosted by DNS Made Easy. See for information on the communication specification.

The utility can be used behind NAT because it determines your public IP address using a "reflector" hosted by DNS Made Easy. The utilities call out to the "reflector" which simply echos back the IP address from which the request originated. That address is then used in the subsequent DDNS update.

Proxy Users: If you need to use this utility behind a proxy server you can set the HTTP and HTTPS proxy servers using standard Go environment variables. See But be warned that the proxies public IP address will be used in your DDNS updates.

Command Line Usage

Usage of ./dns-made-easy-updater:
  -config string
    	YAML config file containing username, password, record-id, and current-ip-file.
  -current-ip-file string
    	File containing the current public IP address. It will be created if it does not exist.
    	allow insecure SSL connections
  -interval string
    	Interval at which to check to IP address changes. If not given then one check (and possibly an update) is performed then it exits.
  -password string
    	Password for updating the DNS record.
  -record-id string
    	ID number of DDNS record.
  -username string
    	Username for updating the DNS record.
  -v	Enable verbose output to stderr

Building and Packaging

You must have Go installed and have your GOPATH environment variable configured.

go get

That command will download, build, and install the binary into ``$GOPATH/bin`.