simultaneously transcode and generate visuals for an audio file
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Input: any format audio or video file

Output: any or all of these:

  • transcoded audio file
  • waveform.js-compatible JSON representation of the audio file
  • PNG rendering of the waveform


waveform [options] in [--transcode out] [--waveformjs out] [--png out]
(where `in` is a file path and `out` is a file path or `-` for STDOUT)

--scan                       duration scan (default off)

Transcoding Options:
--bitrate 320                audio bitrate in kbps
--format name                e.g. mp3, ogg, mp4
--codec name                 e.g. mp3, vorbis, flac, aac
--mime mimetype              e.g. audio/vorbis
--tag-artist artistname      artist tag
--tag-title title            title tag
--tag-year 2000              year tag
--tag-comment comment        comment tag

WaveformJs Options:
--wjs-width 800              width in samples
--wjs-precision 4            how many digits of precision
--wjs-plain                  exclude metadata in output JSON (default off)

PNG Options:
--png-width 256              width of the image
--png-height 64              height of the image
--png-color-bg 00000000      bg color, rrggbbaa
--png-color-center 000000ff  gradient center color, rrggbbaa
--png-color-outer 000000ff   gradient outer color, rrggbbaa


  1. Install libgroove dev package. Only the main library is needed.

  2. Install libpng and zlib dev packages.

  3. make

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