Hunt players disguised as props around your favorite Source maps! This is the official repository for Prop Hunt. See the issues list if you want to contribute and check out my Blogger for updates and other fun stuff -
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First, download the latest version by clicking the download zip button to the right. After downloading, extract the contents of the zip to the below directory. Restart Garry's Mod and you're all set!

<Steam Directory>/SteamApps/common/GarrysMod/garrysmod/gamemodes/prophunt

If you wish to install the latest and greatest version, head over to the develop branch. You can download the zip or clone the repository using Git. This will allow you to play on the bleeding edge, and - if you fork to your own space on GitHub - contribute back to the project.

Creating a Server

After you have installed, launch Garry's Mod and select the Prop Hunt gamemode from the dropdown in the bottom right. From there, create a server as you normally would.

Running a Dedicated Server


  • Originally developed for Counter-Strike: Source by Unknown
  • Cloned to Garry's Mod by Andrew Theis (A-MT)
  • Special thanks to Leleudk and Kow@lski for maintaining a GMod 13 compatible version in my absence.