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noir-async Build Status

Seamless, concise, async webservices for clojure.

noir-async integrates the noir web framework with the aleph async library with minimal syntax. With noir-async you can create well organized webapps, with both synchronous and asynchronous logic, and multiple asynchronous endpoints.

Getting Started

  1. Add [noir-async 1.1.0-beta7] to your project.clj
  2. Use the custom server.clj
  3. Follow the examples below
  4. Read the full API docs for more examples.

Here's an example route that responds in one shot:

; Note, same syntax as noir's defpage, but with "conn" parameter
(defpage-async "/route" [] conn
  (async-push conn {:status 404 :body "Couldn't find it!"}))

This is an example route that handles a websocket:

(defpage-async "/echo" [] conn
  (on-receive conn (fn [m] (async-push conn m))))

Here's an example of responding in a chunked fashion:

(defpage-async "/always-chunky" [] conn
  ;; Sending the header explicitly indicates a chunked response
  (async-push conn {:status 200 :chunked true})
  (async-push conn "chunk one")
  (async-push conn "chunk two")
  (close-connection conn))

Reading request bodies with aleph can be a little odd, so that interface is sugared:

(defpage-async "/some-route" {} conn
  ;; You can also retrieve the body as a ByteBuffer. See full docs for details
  (async-push (str "Received body:" (request-body-str conn))))

Since it uses an identical interface for both websockets and regular HTTP, if you want to handle them differently be sure to use the websocket? and regular? functions to discern them.

Server Setup

In your server.clj, you'll want to use aleph as a server explicitly. Be sure to replace noir-async-chat with the appropriate namespace.

(ns noir-async-chat.server
  (:use aleph.http
    [noir.server :as nr-server] ))

(nr-server/load-views "src/noir_async_chat/views/")

(defn -main [& m]
  (let [mode (keyword (or (first m) :dev))
        port (Integer. (get (System/getenv) "PORT" "3000"))
        noir-handler (nr-server/gen-handler {:mode mode})]
      (wrap-ring-handler noir-handler)
      {:port port :websocket true})))

Full Docs

Full API Docs for more examples.

Apps Using noir-async

engulf noir-async-chat


Copyright (C) 2011 Andrew Cholakian

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.