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[WIP] [POC] File explorer side panel for Kakoune editor
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This plugin displays the interactive filetree. It requires Tmux and Perl, as well as ls command.


You need latest Kakoune build from master in order to use this plugin. still waiting for new stable release with module system...

With plug.kak

Add this to your kakrc:

plug "andreyorst/kaktree" defer kaktree %{
    # settings for fancy icons as on the screenshot above.
    set-option global kaktree_dir_icon_open  '▾ 🗁 ' # 📂 📁
    set-option global kaktree_dir_icon_close '▸ 🗀 '
    set-option global kaktree_file_icon      '⠀⠀🖹 ' # 🖺 🖻
                                            # ^^ these are not spaces. It is invisible characters.
                                            # This needed to make folding work correctly if you do
                                            # space alignment of icons.
} config %{
    map global user 'f' ": kaktree-toggle<ret>" -docstring "toggle filetree panel"
    hook global WinSetOption filetype=kaktree %{
        remove-highlighter buffer/numbers
        remove-highlighter buffer/matching
        remove-highlighter buffer/wrap
        remove-highlighter buffer/show-whitespaces

Restart Kakoune or re-source your kakrc and call plug-install command.

Without plugin manager

Clone this repo to your autoload directory, or source kaktree.kak file from your kakrc.

It's better to disable line numbers and wrap highlighters as shown in the plug.kak example above.

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