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Syntax for writing informative testing assertions
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Syntax for writing informative testing assertions.

This is a set of macros for Sweet.js which extends JavaScript grammar with syntax for writing informative testing assertions. It tries to generate assertion messages which contain useful information, like 1 should be == 2 would generate 1 should be equal to 2 error message and so on.

I suggest using it with sweet-bdd for better describe, it syntax:

% npm install --global sweet.js
% npm install sweet-bdd sweet-assertions


sjs -m sweet-bdd -m sweet-assertions tests.sjs

where tests.sjs looks like this:

var assert = require('assert');

describe "sweet-assertions" {

  function no() { throw new Error('x'); }
  function yes() { }

  it "works" {

    1 + 2 should == 2 + 1
    2 should != 1

    2 should > 1
    2 should >= 1
    1 should < 2
    1 should <= 2

    {x: 1} should have x

    true should be true
    false should be false

    true should be truthy
    null should be falsy

    no() should throw
    yes() should not throw

    "aabbcc" should contain "bb"
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