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Eclipse WTP/XML Search

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Eclipse WTP/XML Search is set of plugins which gives you 2 features :

  • it provides a XML/Search dialog (like File/Search). You can search XML (HTML, JSP) files from your workspace with XPath:

XML Search dialog

  • develop your own plugin to manage (easily) completion, hyperlink, validation and Ctrl+Shift+G (to retrieve referenced nodes) for your custom XML, HTML, JSP files (ex : XML Spring files, web.xml, XML Jetty configuration, etc). The basic idea is to declare your link (ex: XML to XML, XML to Java , etc) with XPath Eclipse extension point. For instance XML Jetty file uses @class attributes to declare Java classes. You can declare this XML 2 Java link like this :

      <extension point="">
              <references contentTypeIds="org.eclipse.jst.server.jetty.xml.contenttype.jettyConfigFile">            
                      <!-- reference with class attribute -->
                              <from path="//" targetNodes="@class" />
                              <toJava />

    and Eclipse WT/XML Search manages automaticly completion, hyperlink, validation and Ctrl+Shift+G for this XML to Java link. Here a screenshot about completion :

Jetty XMl Completion1

Eclipse WTP/XML Search provides several modules:

  • core : the XML/Search dialog feature and XML/Search editor (to extends your own XML, HTML, JSP files with completion, hyperlink, validation and Ctrl+Shift+G).
  • web : manage completion, hyperlink, validation and (Ctrl+Shift+G) in the web.xml.
  • jetty : manage completion, hyperlink, validation and (Ctrl+Shift+G) for XML jetty configuration files.
  • struts2 : manage completion, hyperlink, validation and (Ctrl+Shift+G) in the struts.xml and JSP.


Use the update site or to install Eclipse WTP/XML Search and read Installation Guide for more information.

Who is using Eclipse WTP/XML Search?


See cloudbees job:


I will hope than one day, Eclipse WTP/XML Search will be host in the Eclipse WTP (see bug 330576).

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