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tum_simulator ported to Kinetic.

Tested on Ubuntu 16.04.1, ROS Kinetic and using Gazebo 7.

These packages are used to simulate the flying robot Ardrone in ROS environment using gazebo simulator. Totally they are 4 packages. Their functions are descript as below:

  1. cvg_sim_gazebo: contains object models, sensor models, quadrocopter models, flying environment information and individual launch files for each objects and pure environment without any other objects.

  2. cvg_sim_gazebo_plugins: contains gazebo plugins for the quadrocopter model. quadrotor_simple_controller is used to control the robot motion and deliver navigation information, such as: /ardrone/navdata. Others are plugins for sensors in the quadrocopter, such as barometer sensor.

  3. message_to_tf: is a package used to create a ros node, which transfers the ros topic /ground_truth/state to a /tf topic.

  4. cvg_sim_msgs: contains message forms for the simulator.

Some packages are based on the tu-darmstadt-ros-pkg by Stefan Kohlbrecher, TU Darmstadt.

How to run a simulation:

  1. Install dependencies:

    • Hector quadrotor: As an example you can install all hector suite running sudo apt-get install ros-<your_version>-hector-*
    • ardrone_autonomy: run sudo apt-get install ros-<your_version>-ardrone_autonomy
  2. Download this tum_simulator package.

  3. Build packages with catkin_make in the workspace root folder.

  4. Start a ros master by typing the following command in console: roscore

  5. Run a simulation by executing a launch file in cvg_test_sim package: roslaunch cvg_sim_gazebo ardrone_testworld.launch

  6. You can manipulate the quadrocopter in gazebo simulator by downloading the ardrone_helpers package and using a joy-stick after calling this command:roslaunch ardrone_joystick teleop.launch

Information for manipulation via joystick:

  1. The L1 button starts the quadrocopter. It also works as a deadman button so that the robot will land if you release it during flight.

  2. The left stick can be used to control the vx/vy-velocity. Keep in mind that these velocities are given in the local frame of the drone!

  3. The right stick controls the yaw-rate and the altitude.

  4. The select button can be used to switch between the two cameras. This can also be done by executing rosservice call /ardrone/togglecam.

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