Angry IP Scanner - fast and friendly network scanner

Angry IP Scanner

This is the source code of Angry IP Scanner, licensed with GPL v2. Official site

The code is written mostly in Java. IntelliJ IDEA is recommended for coding (Community Edition is fine).

Important: after loading the project in IDEA, make sure you select the appropriate for your platform lib_xxx library in module dependencies (File -> Project Structure -> Modules -> ipscan -> Dependencies - move the right lib_xxx to the top).

Building Build Status

JDK 1.7/1.8 as well as Ant are required for building. Note: the build script currently doesn't work with JDK 9 and 10.

Using these tools you can build on any platform. The binaries are in the form of .jar files and can be run with java -jar <jar-file>. Deb and rpm packages can only be built on Linux. Building of Windows exe can be done on Linux as well.

On Ubuntu install the following packages:

sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk ant rpm wine

Note: wine is needed for building of Windows installer.

Install JDK and Ant on other platforms as you usually do it.

Then use Ant for building a package for your desired platform: just type ant or make in the project dir for the list of available targets.

ant current would build the app for your current OS.

The resulting binaries will be put into the dist directory. Run jar files with java -jar <jar-file>.