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@angular/cli (7.3.0)

Commit Description Notes
remove unsupported `dryRun` and `force` from `ng add` [Closes #13479]
ng-add should resolve package.json
'ng add' selects supported version via peer dependencies

@schematics/angular (7.3.0)

Commit Description Notes
only support known style extentions [Closes #13149]
use baseUrl for default e2e test
remove leading comments when removing `core-js/es7/reflect` (#13528) [Closes #13491]
add non deprecated `style` as default
tsconfig.json can't be parsed if it contains comments [Closes #13455]
[Closes #13456]
update latest version of devkit

@angular-devkit/build-angular (0.13.0)

Commit Description Notes
update webpack to 4.29
error only when file is not found in non of the programs [Closes #13399]

@angular-devkit/build-optimizer (0.13.0)

Commit Description Notes
add support for es2015 enums emitted by tsickle [Closes #13488]
also fold ES2015 classes [Closes #13487]
identify relative imports in angular core
prefix renamed classes

@angular-devkit/core (7.3.0)

Commit Description Notes
remove colors for info messages [Closes #13497]

@angular-devkit/schematics (7.3.0)

Commit Description Notes
add `applyToSubTree` rule
fully scope merge actions in ScopedTree

@schematics/schematics (0.13.0)

Commit Description Notes
use correct collection.json path

@schematics/update (0.13.0)

Commit Description Notes
add check for invalid ranges [Closes #12644]
[Closes #12806]

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Renovate Bot, Alan, Filipe Silva, Judy Bogart, Charles Lyding, Minko Gechev, Edy Segura, Louis Larry, Logan Mzz, Angular Builds, Keen Yee Liau, Youcef Mammar, isychevskyi, Peter Smith, Hans Larsen, Cédric Exbrayat

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