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Angular CLI

Development tools and libraries specialized for Angular

This is the home of the DevKit and the Angular CLI code. You can find the Angular CLI specific README here.

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Quick Links

Gitter Contributing Angular CLI

The Goal of Angular CLI

The Angular CLI creates, manages, builds and test your Angular projects. It's built on top of the Angular DevKit.

The Goal of DevKit

DevKit's goal is to provide a large set of libraries that can be used to manage, develop, deploy and analyze your code.

Getting Started - Local Development


To get started locally, follow these instructions:

  1. If you haven't done it already, make a fork of this repo.
  2. Clone to your local computer using git.
  3. Make sure that you have Node 10.9 or later installed. See instructions here. The Angular CLI requires Node 8, but development requires Node 10.
  4. Make sure that you have yarn installed; see instructions here.
  5. Run yarn (no arguments) from the root of your clone of this project.
  6. Run yarn link to add all custom scripts we use to your global install.

Creating New Packages

Adding a package to this repository means running two separate commands:

  1. schematics devkit:package PACKAGE_NAME. This will update the .monorepo file, and create the base files for the new package (package.json, src/index, etc).
  2. devkit-admin templates. This will update the README and all other template files that might have changed when adding a new package.

For private packages, you will need to add a "private": true key to your package.json manually. This will require re-running the template admin script.


This is a monorepo which contains many tools and packages:


Project Package Version Links
Angular CLI @angular/cli latest README snapshot
Schematics CLI @angular-devkit/schematics-cli latest snapshot


Project Package Version Links
Architect @angular-devkit/architect latest README snapshot
Architect CLI @angular-devkit/architect-cli latest snapshot
Build Angular @angular-devkit/build-angular latest README snapshot
Build NgPackagr @angular-devkit/build-ng-packagr latest README snapshot
Build Optimizer @angular-devkit/build-optimizer latest README snapshot
Build Webpack @angular-devkit/build-webpack latest README snapshot
Core @angular-devkit/core latest README snapshot
Schematics @angular-devkit/schematics latest README snapshot


Project Package Version Links
Angular PWA Schematics @angular/pwa latest snapshot
Angular Schematics @schematics/angular latest snapshot
Schematics Schematics @schematics/schematics latest snapshot
Package Update Schematics @schematics/update latest snapshot


Project Package Version Links
Webpack Angular Plugin @ngtools/webpack latest snapshot