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Auriga is a minimalist LaTeX beamer presentation theme 📽
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Auriga Build Status

Auriga is a minimalist LaTex beamer presentation theme.

See how the Auriga themed presentation (left) compares to the beamer default (right):


If you're looking for a beamer poster theme, take a look at Gemini.


  • A TeX installation that includes LuaTeX
  • LaTeX package dependencies including beamer (these usually come with your TeX installation, but if not, you can get them from CTAN)
  • Raleway, Lato, and Hack, which are all available under Open Font License


  1. Copy the files in this repository (or clone the repository).

  2. Add slides in slides/, using the existing slides as templates. Add include lines for slides in presentation.tex.

  3. Run make to build your poster. This builds both p.pdf, the raw version of the slides, and p-notes.pdf, a version of slides that has speaker notes included. These can be viewed using a program like Pré

Design goals

  • Minimal: clean and easy to read, so that the emphasis is on the content
  • Batteries included: works and looks good out of the box


Contributions to Auriga such as bug reports and new slide components are greatly appreciated! Given the subjective nature of design, you're encouraged to open an issue or pull request early to get feedback before investing time in implementing a new feature.


Copyright (c) 2019 Anish Athalye. Released under the MIT License. See for details.

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