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USTC Mirrors

issues :


# special{image}/{tag} <==>{image}/{tag} <==> 

Add new namespace

Fork and edit sync branch file gcr_namespaces

append new line about namespace(e.g. u should append google-containers, eq

save and commit a PR for this repo.


docker pull 
# eq
docker pull 

# special
# eq 
docker pull

ReTag anjia0532 images to

# replace to real image
# this will convert 
# to anjia0532/google-containers.federation-controller-manager-arm64:v1.3.1-beta.1 and pull it
#{image}/{tag} <==>{image}/{tag} <==> anjia0532/google-containers.{image}/{tag}

images=$(cat img.txt)
#images=$(cat <<EOF

eval $(echo ${images}|
        sed 's/k8s\.gcr\.io/anjia0532\/google-containers/g;s/gcr\.io/anjia0532/g;s/\//\./g;s/ /\n/g;s/anjia0532\./anjia0532\//g' |
        uniq |
        awk '{print "docker pull "$1";"}'

# this code will retag all of anjia0532's image from local  e.g. anjia0532/google-containers.federation-controller-manager-arm64:v1.3.1-beta.1 
# to
#{image}/{tag} <==>{image}/{tag} <==> anjia0532/google-containers.{image}/{tag}

for img in $(docker images --format "{{.Repository}}:{{.Tag}}"| grep "anjia0532"); do
  n=$(echo ${img}| awk -F'[/.:]' '{printf "",$2}')
  image=$(echo ${img}| awk -F'[/.:]' '{printf "/%s",$3}')
  tag=$(echo ${img}| awk -F'[:]' '{printf ":%s",$2}')
  docker tag $img "${n}${image}${tag}"
  [[ ${n} == "" ]] && docker tag $img "${image}${tag}"


Mirror 14 namespaces image from**************