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Java DB-IP

A simple to use Java library for the freely available DB-IP IP address to city dataset.

Requires Java 8

The entire dataset is loaded into a TreeMap . Make sure that you have about 2 GB of Heap space available to load it.


With maven :


Or gradle:



In order to get geographical information for an ip address, just pass the dbip-city-latest.csv.gz as a File object to DbIpClient as follows:

final File gzipFile = new File(PATH_TO_dbip-city-latest.csv.gz);
final DbIpClient client = new DbIpClient(gzipFile);

Once the data is loaded from the file into memory, any subsequent invocation of the above code would not load the data .

Next, just fetch the data for a ip ,like so :

final DbIpClient client = new DbIpClient(gzip);
final GeoEntity geoEntity = client.lookup("");
final String city = geoEntity.getCity();
final String country = geoEntity.getCountry();
final String province = geoEntity.getProvince();
final String countryCode = geoEntity.getCountryCode();

System.out.println("city : " + city);
System.out.println("province : " + province);
System.out.println("country : " + country);
System.out.println("country code : " + countryCode);

This prints :

city : New Delhi
province : Delhi
country : India
country code : IN

For IPV6, do the same :

final DbIpClient client = new DbIpClient(gzip);
final String ipv6 = "2c0f:f468:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff";
final GeoEntity geoEntity = client.lookup(ipv6);

That's pretty much it.


The lookup is stunningly fast. Since the entire data is cached the JVM, you can expect each lookup to take around 0.1 ms