Comparison with QtWebKit 5.6

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Feature 5.8 TP5
Responsive images
HTML <template>
CSS selectors ::read-write and ::read-only
CSS property -webkit-initial-letter
Fullscreen API
WebAudio ✔ (Experimental with GStreamer)
MediaSource ✔ (Experimental with GStreamer)
Encrypted Media ✘ (Planned for GStreamer, help needed)
APNG images
B3 JIT compiler ✔ (Not available on Windows yet)
CSS selector JIT
Indexed Database
Indexed Database in Workers
Private browsing ✘ (Planned)
WebGL ✘ (WIP)
Web SQL Database
Accelerated compositing ✘ (WIP)
NPAPI Plugins ✔ (Not available on macOS yet)
Qt Plugins
Security fixes