Comparison with QtWebKit 5.6

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Feature 5.8 Alpha
Responsive images
HTML <template>
CSS selectors ::read-write and ::read-only
CSS property -webkit-initial-letter
Fullscreen API
WebAudio ✔ (Experimental with GStreamer)
MediaSource ✔ (Experimental with GStreamer)
Encrypted Media ✘ (Planned for GStreamer, help needed)
APNG images
B3 JIT compiler ✔ (Not available on Windows yet)
CSS selector JIT
Indexed Database
Indexed Database in Workers ✘ (supported in WebKit trunk)
Private browsing
Smooth scrolling
Tiled backing store ✘ (Will come back someday)
Web SQL Database
Accelerated compositing
NPAPI Plugins ✔ (Not available on macOS yet)
Qt Plugins
QML API ✔ (not available on Windows, see wk2 branch
QML API: Downloads
QML API: Authentication ✘ (Planned)
QML API: Custom URL Schemes ✘ (Planned)
QML API: WebGL ✘ (Planned)
QML API: NPAPI plugins ✔ (Only X11) ✘ (WIP, only X11)
QML API: Fullscreen ✘ (Planned)
Security fixes

Important behavior changes

  • Mixed content is blocked by default. To restore old behavior set QWebSettings::AllowRunningInsecureContent attribute to true
  • Now application code must handle QWebPage::fullScreenRequested signal to get fullscreen working. It's necessary because latests HTML standard specifies that any web element can go fullscreen, not only video
  • JPEG and PNG images no longer use Qt plugins (qpng and qjpeg) on Windows and macOS (actually, on any OS if Qt build uses bundled libraries)
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