Receive email notifications when OctoPrint jobs are complete.
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Recieve email notifications when OctoPrint jobs are complete.

Settings tab and email screenshot


Install via the OctoPrint Plugin Manager or manually using this archive URL:


Your outgoing email account password is not stored with OctoPrint's settings. It is retrieved from your system keyring. Store your password from a Python prompt on your OctoPrint system using yagmail.register:

$ ~/oprint/bin/python
>>> import yagmail
>>> yagmail.register("SMTP username", "SMTP password")

For some accounts, your SMTP username may be your complete address.

To use yagmail (and thus OctoPrint-EmailNotifier) with Gmail, you may need to allow less secure apps to access your account.


Loosely based on OctoPrint-Pushbullet.

Uses yagmail to send email.


Licensed under the terms of the AGPLv3.