How ready is Rust for Machine Learning?
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Rust is a systems programming language, but is it a machine learning language?

Inspired by Are We Web Yet?, this project aims to catalog the the Rust ML ecosystem.


Feedback, issues, and pull requests are welcome and appreciated for adding missing crates, providing additional resources, or more generally improving the content.

Running locally

Running locally is just a matter of installing jekyll and serving the site:

bundle install

# GitHub OAuth token avoids 403 rate limiting errors while generated crate data

bundle exec jekyll serve

The site should be running on localhost:4000

Generating crate data

_data/crates.yaml contains a manually curated list of crates, but the crate_gen.rb plugin will fetch additional data from and the GitHub API. All fetched and generated data is cached to speed up site generation and avoid hammerring APIs.

To force regeneration of all data, remove all cached data with rake clean.