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Hubot adapter for Enables to add a Hubot bot to conversations.

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The adapter is in alpha status: it works for straightforward usage, but contains yet-to-be-discovered bugs. See the Issues tab for a list of known bugs and create a new issue if you discover something new.


  • Follow the "Getting Started With Hubot" guide to get a local installation of Hubot
  • When yo hubot command asks for an adapter, enter "fleep"
  • Create a new Fleep account for Hubot
  • Copy the script (from node_modules/hubot-fleep to hubot root dir), edit it and fill in Fleep user credentials
  • Start hubot by running ./
  • Add the Hubot Fleep user to any conversation in Fleep

Environment variables

The adapter requires the following environment variables to be defined:

  • HUBOT_FLEEP_EMAIL string, default: none - The e-mail of your Fleep account for the Hubot instance
  • HUBOT_FLEEP_PASSWORD string, default: none - The password of your Fleep account

In addition, the following optional variables can be set:

  • HUBOT_LOG_LEVEL string [debug|info|notice|warning|error|critical|alert|emergency], default: info - Set the log level of Hubot. The Fleep adapter can output extensive debug messages.
  • HUBOT_FLEEP_MARK_SEEN bool, default: true - Whether to mark Fleep messages as 'seen' by the bot. Enabling this gives users additional information about the bot's responsiveness, but forces the bot to make an additional HTTP request
  • https_proxy string, default: none - If set, specifies the proxy to use


You can contribute to the development of this adapter by sending pull requests and by reporting issues.

Pull request should go to the develop branch and pass the Travis build.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENCE file for more information.