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Ansible Meetings, Schedule, and Meeting Logs


Ansible IRC meetings are held on freenode, in the #ansible-meeting channel.

Feel free to hold ad-hoc meetings in the #ansible-meeting channel, but please respect the scheduled meeting times.

If you'd like to request a regular recurring meeting on #ansible-meeting, please submit a PR to this page.


You can add this full list of meetings to your personal calendar by downloading and importing this .ics file into your calendar.

Some calendars, such as Google Calendar, support importing by URL. This allows the calendar to update automatically when changes are made.





Meeting Agendas and purpose

For the following groups see the Agenda tickets

Core Team Meeting

A place to get input from the Ansible Core Team issues, PRs and proposals that people who are willing to come to the meeting want to present.

  • Old PRs that need attention from us (as opposed to from the submitter)
  • Selected proposals from the ansible/proposals repo
  • Review of actions from previous meeting
  • Open discussion driven by the group

Meeting Minutes

IRC Logs

All meeting logs from #ansible-meeting can be seen here. No other logs are recorded.

Other Meetings

2018-10-0(1,4): Ansible Contributor Summit 6 (Part of AnsibleFest 2018 Austin, Texas)

2017-09-06: Ansible Contributor Summit 5 (Part of AnsibleFest 2017 San Francisco)

2017-06-21: Ansible Contributor Summit 4 (Part of AnsibleFest 2017 London)

2016-10-10: Ansible Contributor Summit 3 (Part of AnsibleFest 2016 Brooklyn)

2016-07-27: Ansible Contributor Summit 2 (Part of AnsibleFest 2016 San Francisco)

2016-02-17: Ansible Contributor Summit 1 (Part of AnsibleFest 2016 London)