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Fork of the official FAQ management plugin for Redmine, fixing issues and merging patches

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This is a fork of original ezfaq, a FAQ management plugin for Redmine by Zou Chaoqun. The goal is to fix bugs and merge existing patches for daily use.

Updates including:

 * Add zh-TW locale (convert from zh)
 * Add de locale (by Cedric Ziel)
 * Add pt and pt-BR locales (by Marcelo Romulo Fernandes)
 * Add pl locale (by Tomasz Sawicki)
 * Modify fr locale (by Thibaut Cuvelier)
 * Fix issue 7 of the original code to run on Redmine 1.0.5
 * Test on Redmine 1.1.2 also

The README.original containss more information of the original ezfaq.
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