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Templating engine for Java with the power of JavaScript. Small and open source (Apache 2.0).
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Open source templating engine for Java with the power of JavaScript. Incredibly small, quick, effective, easy!

Key points

  • just one dependency, get it here: As-Libs-Core
  • templates are fully scriptable, uses the Java builtin JavaScript engine
  • Apache 2.0 license


To insert the content of a variable:

this is the content of foo: §foo

hence the classic Hello World example:

  String res=Cedilla.render("Hello, §what!", new String[]{"what", "World"});
  System.out.println(res); // Hello, World!

to execute some javascript inside the template (one line way):

§ var foo="foo"; // this is JavaScript till the enf of line

another one line way:

§ var foo="I'm it!"; §This is foo: §foo

the multi-line way is possibile too, instead of § <javascript> § you just go with §| <javascript> |§

 var createdHere=
         'This is made now!';

|§this is the content made now: §createdHere

expressions are easy too, you include them in §= <expression> §:

This is more then foo: §= foo+" and some more" §!

This means you can also do things like:

This is more then foo: §= (function()
 var res="I do whatever I want in expressions too!!";
 // do all you want !!!
 return res;
})() §!"

also if you provide a CedillaHelper class you can do even more. For example you can load external files:

§= loadFile(".../path/to/external/file...", {also: "pass", what: "some keysValues", and: "Be very Happy! :-))"}); §

or import code from external files:

§ importFrom(".../path/to/external/file...", {also: "pass", what: "some keysValues", and: "Be very Happy! :-))"});

Cedilla is also configurable, you don't like "§" and "|"? No problem, provide your own:

String res=Cedilla.render( 
    new Configuration()
      multilineCodeDelimiters=new String[]{"%|", "|%"};
      expressionDelimiters=new String[]{"%=", "%"};
    "Hello, %what!", Cedilla.toValuesProvider(new String[]{"what", "World"}), null);

System.out.println(res); // Hello, World!

Cedilla can also be used without parameters, since you can create stuff inside the template itself:

String res=Cedilla.render(
    "§ var lastPetalIsHeLovesMe=Math.random()>=0.5; §§= "+
    "lastPetalIsHeLovesMe ? "+
    "'He loves me! 😍' : "+
    "'He loves me not! 😭' §"); // just the template, no parameters passed!

// sometimes 'He loves me! 😍', sometimes 'He loves me not! 😭'

Cedilla can be used for whatever kind of file you want, probably even for binary files (not tested).

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