Code repository for entry to the Ludum Dare Game Jam competition.
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Ludum Dare 38 Entry

HTML / JS based browser game created for the 48 hour game jam Ludum Dare #38. The competition theme selected was "A Small World" so Kenny Cockroach was born from this.

The game was Anthony Mills under the Big Southerly Games label on the 22nd & 23rd April 2017.

Code Use

The game itself is built with the Phaser framework. The game is being released as open source, feel free to take any code from it you think can help you.

Why Kenny Cockroach?

The theme of the game jam was "A Small World". Take a look at the game_ideas.txt file in the root of this project if you would like to see some of the other game ideas I came up with for the game jam and some of the pros and cons of each.