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A Vue.js plugin that allows you to undo or redo a mutation.

The building of this plugin is documented in the article Create A Vuex Undo/Redo For VueJS

Live demos

Edit Vuex Undo/Redo

There's also a demo in this Codepen. The source code for the demo is here.


npm i --save-dev vuex-undo-redo


<script type="text/javascript" src="node_modules/vuex-undo-redo/dist/vuex-undo-redo.min.js"></script>


import VuexUndoRedo from 'vuex-undo-redo';


Since it's a plugin, use it like:


You must, of course, have a Vuex store installed. This Vuex store must implement a mutation emptyState which should revert the store back to the initial state e.g.:

new Vuex.Store({
  state: {
    myVal: null
  mutations: {
    emptyState() {
      this.replaceState({ myval: null });       

Ignoring actions

Occasionally, you may want to perform mutations without including them in the undo history (say you are working on an image editor and the user toggles grid visibility - you probably do not want this in undo history). The plugin has an ignoredMutations setting to leave these mutations out of the history:

Vue.use(VuexUndoRedo, { ignoreMutations: [ 'toggleGrid' ]});

It's worth noting that this only means the mutations will not be recorded in the undo history. You must still manually manage your state object in the emptyState mutation:

emptyState(state) {
  this.replaceState({ myval: null, showGrid: state.showGrid });       



ignoredMutations an array of mutations that the plugin will ignore

Computed properties

canUndo a boolean which tells you if the state is undo-able

canRedo a boolean which tells you if the state is redo-able


undo undoes the last mutation

redo redoes the last mutation