Big update to the listener events #12

merged 62 commits into from Feb 15, 2012

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parrt and others added some commits Feb 6, 2012
@parrt parrt oops; forgot to update the templates when I renamed the ATN simulator a5a4035
@parrt parrt alter tests for new parser atn name 59e4a54
@parrt parrt ["\\] didn't work in lexer 5c79fc6
@sharwell sharwell Merge remote-tracking branch 'parrt/master' 66d82fa
@sharwell sharwell Add pom.xml to support maven builds a6524d8
@sharwell sharwell Use ATNConfigSet for parameter instead of OrderedHashSet<ATNConfig> 18a6414
@sharwell sharwell Construct Parser with TokenStream (restriction from IntStream) 326cb25
@sharwell sharwell Use for each instead of indexed for; use isEmpty() instead of size()==0 5225604
@sharwell sharwell Use ATNConfigSet instead of OrderedHashSet<ATNConfig> 1df7092
@sharwell sharwell Specify generic type parameters 2249135
@sharwell sharwell Rename NUM_EDGES to MAX_DFA_EDGE, reduce max value to 127 71e0c66
@sharwell sharwell Add @NotNull annotations, make ATNConfig.semanticContext field final 64210f4
@sharwell sharwell Improved implementation of equals() and hashCode() for ATNConfig dcdfac4
@sharwell sharwell Add generic type argument 773e9e1
@sharwell sharwell Improved SemanticContext.hashCode(), add @Override annotations 6420331
@sharwell sharwell Specify generic type parameters in generated code 21a855e
@sharwell sharwell Specify generic type parameter d181b23
@sharwell sharwell Use isEmpty() instead of size()==0, use StringBuilder instead of Stri…
…ngBuffer, use chained append() calls instead of string concatenation, add @Override annotations
@sharwell sharwell Use isEmpty() instead of size()==0 a34fd63
@sharwell sharwell Override CommonTokenStream.reset() to make sure the stream is left on…
… an on-channel token
@sharwell sharwell Use trivial implementation of mark/release for BufferedTokenStream 3b4ae2a
@sharwell sharwell Use isEmpty() instead of size()==0, use StringBuilder instead of Stri…
…ngBuffer, use chained append() calls instead of string concatenation, remove unnecessary initializations.
@sharwell sharwell Use List instead of Vector 4f3e40f
@sharwell sharwell Suppress "cast" warnings in generated code 33c8f9b
@sharwell sharwell Hard tabs in generated code 851069d
@sharwell sharwell Fix start/stop indexes for contexts created by LR rules 32aefbc
@sharwell sharwell Compile grammars with debug info for tests 05a199e
@sharwell sharwell More informative parameter names e5aa949
@sharwell sharwell Simplified exec code in BaseTest 0ec084d
@parrt parrt Merge pull request #1 from sharwell/master
Many small changes here.
@sharwell sharwell Fix unit test f5f3861
@sharwell sharwell Add LexerATNSimulator.getTraceStream 40a8759
@sharwell sharwell Add LexerATNSimulator.copyState (allows copying state information fro…
…m another simulator instance)
@parrt parrt Merge pull request #7 from sharwell/9c554a002b8fd9f72a0005c90cb83ac75…

Small fixes, plus ability to copy LexerATNSimulator state from one simulator to another
@parrt parrt add unit test for left-recur grammars f278d3b
@parrt parrt Allow var args in ctor of IntervalSet 6e4cba1
@parrt parrt rm remnants of tree parser b80b22e
@parrt parrt add some useful classes 808d23e
@parrt parrt oops; need to alter this when removing up/down stuff dee579a
@sharwell sharwell Remove redundant null check 62146c1
@sharwell sharwell Fix NPE in CommonToken when TokenSource is not available 9600a70
@parrt parrt another useful tuple f8285bc
@parrt parrt mid-job push so i can pull from work to continue. working on updating…
… ctx objects to have getters
@parrt parrt adding tests 8af1e23
@parrt parrt Merge pull request #9 from sharwell/9600a70724
Fix NPE in CommonToken
@parrt parrt Merge branch 'master', remote-tracking branch 'origin' into enhance-ctx 43daec6
@parrt parrt Merge pull request #8 from sharwell/62146c1651620445e96303e5522eddc21…

Removed redundant check for null
@parrt parrt Merge branch 'master' of into enhance-ctx ebb8b3a
@parrt parrt mode wasn't working as lexer command 97ab2c4
@parrt parrt almost got ctx stuff working b68ce1f
@sharwell sharwell Fix unit test placing output files like "" in the project di…
@parrt parrt Merge pull request #11 from sharwell/clean-tests
Clean tests
@parrt parrt change enterRule to enter in listener interface 2091f2d
@parrt parrt Merge branch 'master' into enhance-ctx 0031075
@parrt parrt fixed 8 unit tests; only 9 fail now. 203ad46
@parrt parrt see A.g4 for getter syntax; use e() not gete(). adding ContextGetterD…
@parrt parrt got it generating getters, labels correctly. now to impl getters a678674
@parrt parrt update playground b8f50d4
@parrt parrt got implementation of getters in! Fixes #8 cdb420f
@parrt parrt updated command line options. e30627c
@parrt parrt got some good examples working that play around with the getter methods. fa3a664
@parrt parrt update playground 3d56d40
@parrt parrt merged commit c8f4f16 into antlr:master Feb 15, 2012
@parrt parrt added a commit that referenced this pull request Jun 30, 2015
@parrt parrt Fixes #12 3152b69
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