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ANTLR version 4.7.1 is a minor release but with lots of little improvements and bug fixes. You can find the pull requests grouped by target language below. Also, please find below the contributor list (auto-generated from the issues and pull request).

Summary of new features and improvements

  • You can now import lexers with modes into other lexer grammars [...]
  • The -o and -lib commandline options didn't always do the obvious thing and in fact presented some problems. With clean that up but requires a new -Xexact-output-dir command line option to enable it to avoid breaking tools built on previous versions of ANTLR [...]
  • For languages that support case insensitive keywords such as SQL, ANTLR does not have a built-in mechanism. Programmers either specify case insensitive lexers rules directly or they can build a special input stream that presents characters as uppercase to the lexer. I have provided documentation that describes both approaches including sample streams in various targets. [...]
  • The Swift runtime was migrated to Swift 4. [...]
  • You can generate SVG now from parse trees in Java target. [...]
  • The NuGet package now includes the .NET Core DLL and supports both .NET 3.5 and up, as well as .NET Core. [...]

Issues fixed

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