A port of Cocos2D to C# for MonoTouch.
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This readme last changed: 2/27/2010

CocosNet is...

A port of Cocos2D for the iPhone to the MonoTouch platform. Cocos2D for the iPhone was in turn a port of Cocos2D which is written in Python.

CocosNet currently targets MonoTouch for the iPhone and iPad, but it has an ultimate goal of being used in just about any .NET environment (Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, etc).


Please see the LICENSE file for licensing info. CocosNet carries the same license as Cocos2D for the iPhone.


Please see the AUTHORS file for a list of contributors

How to run

  • Compile CocosNetLib and CocosNetTests

  • You can just load CocosNET.sln into MonoDevelop and build it (Cmnd-B)

  • Launch into the simulator or your device

  • By default, cmnd-shift-enter in MonoDevelop should do this

  • You will be launching the test app, which will load one of the tests and run it. To see which test is launched and/or change it, look at Main.cs in CocosNetTests and change the instantiate scene, the code looks like this:

        // To run a different test, instantiate a different class here  
        // SpriteTest -- SpriteManual  
        // ParallaxTest -- Parallax1  
        Scene scene = new Scene(new SpriteManual());

How to use CocosNet in your MonoTouch app

CocosNet is not distributed as a binary, yet. So far it is all source code. The easiest way to add CocosNet into your application is to grab CocosNet from here, and then add the project to your MonoTouch solution, and build CocosNet along with your app.

I recommend grabbing a tarball or zip file of CocosNet if you take this approach. I make certain CocosNet always builds and is usable.

As CocosNet grows, we will move into official releases and you can then just reference an assembly in your app. We're not quite there yet.

What has been ported so far

The following generally works well in CocosNet

The main infrastructure

  • Director
  • CocosNode, TextureNode, AtlasNode
  • Layer, Scene
  • TextureMgr
  • Label
  • Camera
  • Drawing primitives
  • etc

Texture Related

  • Texture2D
  • PVRTexture


  • TextureAtlas and LayerAtlas


  • Menu
  • MenuItemImage


  • most sprite oriented actions implemented
  • see SpriteTest.cs and the Actions namespace


  • ParallaxNode
  • see ParallaxTest.cs

Particle Systems

  • ParticleSystem base class, PointParticleSystem
  • most point examples
  • ParticleTest.cs

How to Contribute

CocosNet is my first open project like this, please bear with me if I'm not the best coordinator just yet :)

Small Contribution: Send me a patch

If you would like to contribute something small (ideally all in one file), please send me a patch. This is very easy to do with Git, here is a nice tutorial on how to do that.

Large Contribution: fork on GitHub

If you would like to contribute a large bug fix, feature, etc, please fork my main branch on github, add your work, and let me know and I will pull it into the main branch.

Please see the ContributorsGuide.txt file (in the same directory as this file you are reading) for detailed information on contributing to CocosNet: what is needed, how I am approaching the port, reporting/dealing with bugs, etc.