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Macaulay2 is a system for computing in commutative algebra, algebraic geometry
and related fields.  The system was originally written by Dan Grayson and Mike
Stillman.  David Eisenbud joined the project a number of years ago, and many
users are writing packages for the system, and some are contributing source
code.  See our web page

for more details and for downloading binary releases.

The source code is available at

One uses the program "git" to access it.  For brief instructions about how to
use git, see

Report bugs via the github issue tracker at  

The directory containing this file is the top level directory of the directory
tree that contains the following subdirectories:

    M2	     The subdirectory "M2" contains everything needed by a user to
	     build Macaulay2, and the file "M2/INSTALL" gives instructions for
	     doing so.

    bugs     The subdirectory "bugs" is where we keep track of older bug