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MooTools Development Environment
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MooTools Development Environment

This repo contains a set of hashes designed to allow you to get a MooTools development sandbox up and running quickly. It uses a python virtual environment to install itself; it does not modify your system in any way outside the repository in which you install it.



$ git clone {your fork of this repo}
$ cd mootools-development
$ ./install //installs everything; takes about 3 or 4 minutes
$ ./go depender //checks dependencies
$ ./go run //runs the server

Then open http://localhost:9876 in your browser.


After you run ./install, execute ./go you'll get a menu prompting you for actions. The available options are:

  • depender - checks js dependencies; aka ./go d
  • sync - synchronizes external libraries; aka ./go s
  • run - runs the server on port 9876; aka ./go r
  • live - runs the server on port 80; NOT in DEBUG mode, so it's faster because it caches the JS; aka ./go l
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